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Data Capture on Your IPad using “Enlist”

Enlist is Free

Data Capture on Your IPad using “Enlist”

This neat little app for your ipad lets you create sign-up forms which you can use to enter data into CRM. It works offline too so very handy at exhibitions and shows where there may not be a good Internet connection. It’s quick too!

Create simple forms to capture data. Captured data is added to your *CRM the next time your iPad connects to the Internet.

Download Enlist Now – It’s Free

* – A license of CRM and connector to Campaign Monitor is required. This app is created by Campaign Monitor. To add data to CRM a license of FibreCRM is required.

IRIS Software Group Signs as a Reseller

We are very excited to announce a reseller partnership with Iris Software Group. Iris will resell our CRM solution for accountants and provide professional services to support its customer base. As part of the deal Iris will rebrand the solution as Iris CRM powered by FibreCRM.

Campaign Monitor & Sugar CRM Integration Released

Today, FibreCRM is pleased to release an integration between Campaign Monitor and Sugar/SuiteCRM.  Campaign Monitor is a powerful, drag-and-drop email marketing Platform.  The integration means that marketing people no longer have to waste time exporting and importing data and working with out of date data.


Why most mainstream CRMs fail

Why most mainstream CRMs fail

Written by Simon Leek

I’ve done a ton of research into why many CRM systems fail and it comes down to this. CRMs fail because they don’t address the real world needs of users. Basic requirements you would have thought simple become overly complex to implement with standard CRMs. CRM becomes a clunky tool and users prefer to stick to Excel sheets.