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17,000+ accountancy practices in the UK IRIS CRM Software Data Diagramuse IRIS but very few practices make good use of the data they hold on clients for marketing purposes.   Very few accountants have an easily repeatable nurturing program in place to help retain clients and build a loyal following with no out of the box IRIS CRM software.The problem is further compounded when trying to capture data on prospective clients and referrers.  Often this information is kept in unstructured spreadsheets and email systems.  Information such as sales opportunities and relationship history amongst partners is lost.  Revenue is lost.  Marketing messages are mixed and sent inappropriately on occasion.But -often – it’s not the fault of the accountancy practice.  IRIS itself lacks a good CRM solution and there are very few CRMs able to link to IRIS without a lot of development effort and cost.

IRIS CRM Software

Luckily, this is what FibreCRM does and DID.  We have taken the SugarCRM solution and integrated with IRIS which means that all customer detail that is held in IRIS is available in SugarCRM for sales and marketing activities.  As a result, all client, prospect and referrer information is kept together in one place for all partners and staff to share and keep track of relationships, marketing activity and prospective business.Click to Walkthrough Seven Core FeaturesExample Benefit of implementing CRM…

Website enquiry processing

How do you currently handle enquiries that are generated from your website? Here is a typical scenario before/after CRM.BEFORE CRM
  • A form is completed on the website requesting further information on service x
  • Enquirers details are emailed to someone in marketing
  • Marketing type their details into a spreadsheet
  • Marketing dept. adds enquirers email address to various marketing lists for future keep in touch campaigns
  • Marketing reply to the email, sending a brochure
  • Marketing forward the email to a partner to follow up
  • Partner types details into their contact list
  • Partner diarizes a call
In total it takes roughly 10-15 mins to process each enquiry 10 enquiries per month averages 2 hours per month Each enquiry is processed when staff members are not busy and/or are in the officeAFTER CRM
  • A form is completed on the website requesting further information on service x
  • Details are added to CRM automatically
  • CRM sends email alert to Marketing and to the Partner specialising in service x
  • Marketing lists are automatically populated
  • CRM sends brochure to enquirer via automated email
  • CRM diarizes a follow call for partner
In total it takes 0 mins to process each enquiry Each enquiry is processed immediately. The enquirer is dealt with promptly. 24 hours (3 working days) saved per annum (what is your daily rate?)If you would like a demonstration or talk about your own particular needs contact the sales team on +44 (0)203 598 0898
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