FibreCRM is SouthwestCRM.  We’ve Just Rebranded.



When the company incorporated in 2007 it served the community based in the South West however in recent years less than 50% of our client base is based in the South West and with our London office our name was less appropriate. 

Consistent and Mobile Friendly.

The new name means we can do away with,, south west ict ltd t/z southwestcrm, etc…  FibreCRM is shorter and more succinct.  so not too many characters to type into mobile devices!

Why FibreCRM?


Coming up with a name is not easy!  The criteria it had to meet were:

  • Short, easy to type on smart devices
  • A word that conveys, speed, durability and connectivity – Fibre did that.
  • It needed something to say what we do – CRM did that.
  • The domain name needed to be available.  FibreCRM was.