SugarCRM v7 development

SugarCRM v7 development

FibreCRM is an active and leading contributor to SugarCRM v7 development.  not only for our own client base but also for many SugarCRM customers across the globe.  Review our CRM Plugins section for examples of the work that FibreCRM has carried out to date or call us on +44 (0)203 598 0898 to discuss your own particular needs.

Our latest development enhances the SugarCRM Quotes module.  It includes the following features:

  • Different buying/selling currencies
  • Flexible markup options including: mark-up from cost, add margin and lock selling price
  • Commission % per item line
  • Nominal expenses section
  • Two quantity fields per line item option (e.g if you sell events you might want to sell x nights per person for x people)
  • Track profit margin
  • Link suppliers to line items

For more details see our Cost Management Module