Are you an Accountant Marketing your Practice?

Are you looking for one place where your team can manage client relationships and keep track of new business enquiries? Summary

Client Relationship Management (CRM) solutions help businesses nurture clients and identify new opportunities. The CRM process starts with the initial acquisition that gets the client on-board. You can then engage with them further so that they are retained for longer. This continuous cycle builds client loyalty, streamlines operations and achieves higher lifetime value.

Accountant Marketing

Below are seven core features of FibreCRM’s system. It can be used as a standalone solution or in conjunction with your existing Practice Management system.   Click any image to zoom in
  • fibrecrm-client-record

    Client Relationship Management

    Good business depends on keeping track of your relationships with your clients. High visibility is just one of the benefits of FibreCRM’s service – you can also use this information for marketing purposes.

    • Firm-wide visibility of client interactions
    • What was the last touch point?
    • What have they bought or been told about?
    • When is the next meeting scheduled?
    • See jobs in progress
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  • Sell More Services

    A good CRM system makes it easy to see exactly how to target your client base. You can quickly identify each customer’s average annual fee income and make sure you know which of your services to offer.

    • Know what to sell and who to target
    • Identify gaps in service with a Client Engagement Matrix
    • See the average annual income for given segments and individual clients
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  • fibrecrm_cloud_dash

    Customisable Dashboards

    Users need dashboards to make sense of the vast amounts of information stored on CRM systems. FibreCRM’s solution has customisable dashboards to suit different roles and requirements.

    • Never forget a task or to do
    • Better Information, More informed decisions
    • 'My To Do' Dashboard
    • Marketing Analytics
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  • Email Marketing

    Whether you are sending mass email or drip feeding messages on a timed schedule, your messages should arrive successfully, contain relevant information and be sent to the right audience. A good CRM solution should manage your data so that your email marketing runs like clockwork.

    • Broadcast mass email / newsletters
    • Drip email campaigns
    • Track Open & click thru rates
    • Marketing list automation
    • MailChimp integration
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  • ProEvent_AttendeeList

    Event Management

    The ProEvents module adds extra capability to your CRM. If you’re running seminars and networking events, it will help to make sure your task management is organised and efficient.

    • Run multiple events
    • Track attendance
    • Mass email attendees
    • Manage tasks and schedules
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  • Introducer/Referral Tracking

    An effective CRM system keeps every interaction in place. With a centralised list of referrers and clients, you can grow your referrer revenue stream more effectively.

    • Maximise referral income
    • Build long lasting links with referrers
    • Monetize the value of each introducer
    • Grow your business through more referrals
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  • iphone_app

    Mobile Access

    The free mobile app and responsive browser make it simple to operate when on the move. Access information on your clients, see to do lists or keep track of projects with online or offline data wherever you are in the world.

    • Access client files on the move
    • Optional offline or online data
    • Update client records remotely
    • Create tasks and new opportunities
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