FibreCRM Takes The Client Experience To A Whole New Level By Launching An Onboarding Pack For Accountants

FibreCRM is urging accountants to use CRM to onboard new clients into their practice. Simon Leek, founder and CEO of FibreCRM said, “CRM is the natural place to onboard new clients because client data is captured during the sales and […]


How to welcome clients to your practice with one system

Client onboarding is the process of taking on a new client into your practice. It covers a wide range of tasks including getting agreement to a proposal, to administration with compliance checks, right through to operations with entering data into […]


Top 100 Accountants – Digital Marketing Performance

Size has always been a thing in the accounting profession, going back to the Big 8 which became the Big 6, Big 5 and are now the Big 4. Keeping with this theme AccountancyAge publishes a “Top 100 (50 + […]


Raffingers Chartered Accountants – driving significant growth

Raffingers are a top 100 firm of accountants and business advisers, serving individuals and businesses in London and across the UK. Their mission is to fuel their clients’ ambitions with exceptional accounting know-how. In early 2018 the firm engaged with […]

FibreCRM to launch FibreCRM Version2

FibreCRM is delighted to announce some exciting news as we lead into Christmas and 2019 – the introduction of FibreCRM Version2. Following a large number of enhancements and improvements to the original product over the last few years, we are […]


Are your clients getting the message?… 11 reasons to use Targeted Lists

Great quality lists are an essential element in effective communication and is one of the key advantages of Integrated CRM for accountants. Target Lists are lists which are created from your database and can include clients and non-clients. They can […]

First CRM for Accountants to be awarded Cyber Essentials

FibreCRM who provide integrated CRM for Accountants has received the UK government’s ‘cyber essentials’ accreditation. The Cyber Essentials scheme, a government initiative launched in 2014 to encourage businesses to adhere to best-practices in IT security. It requires that a variety […]


Cyber Essentials – The Right Thing To Do

One of our Core Value at FibreCRM is to do the right thing. This means that before we take an action, we ask ourselves if it is the right thing to do for the customer, or for the company. So, […]


The Biggest Mistake Accountants Make When Buying CRM

CRM is a relatively new category of software for accountants to adopt, and over the last five years FibreCRM has discovered that the key to success hinges on the firm’s perception of what CRM is. We know that to enjoy […]

What is the Fully Integrated Practice?

What is the Fully Integrated Practice? There are lots of words to explain integration including combining, amalgamating, incorporating, unifying, merging, fusing and assimilating. But, perhaps it’s more helpful to consider what integration isn’t; separation and segregation. Think about your firm’s […]