Iris CRM Powered by FibreCRM…

Anyone can tell you that to maintain a successful business you need loyal followers and clients. But this isn’t as easy as it sounds. So how can you build a profitable business with dependable customers? Enter IRIS CRM.

IRIS CRM Powered by FibreCRM, aims to create secure relationships within your practice by maximising the potential of the data from IRIS Practice Management. With the full visibility into client information you can efficiently plan and execute targeted marketing campaigns.

With IRIS CRM, communication through email and SMS is automated with workflows based on data from IRIS Accountancy Suite.  And with the choice of standard email templates and the ability to create your own you will be able to standardise and personalise your digital client communication. IRIS CRM will help you automate both operational and marketing communications and streamline the entire customer journey. Partners can see when clients were last contacted, when to contact them in the future and determine which services need to be discussed.

Your referrers are offered great support that leads to your practice receiving more referrals and exciting reports give you a close insight into your customers’ habits and specific needs. IRIS CRM links directly with Microsoft Office, Mailchimp, Campaign Monitor and Act-On Software ensuring lists are always up to date, greatly increasing the performance of marketing campaigns.

With a single 360 degree view of the practice, marketing teams can identify upsell/cross sell opportunities and find more profitable customers. If all this wasn’t enough, you can even access IRIS CRM on the go from any web-based device.

Top 5 Reasons for Adopting CRM Software

  • Increase average fee value across your client base
  • Identify up/cross selling opportunities within existing clients
  • Increase visibility of all activity across the practice
  • Systemise repetitive processes and automate communications
  • Track new business and streamline the onboarding process

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