GDPR Toolkit

FibreCRM provides cloud-based data processing on behalf of its clients and as such has a commitment to personal information security, GDPR and compliance.  The company has made a significant investment in data security and is currently under-going Cyber-Essentials and Cyber-Essentials Plus.

Additionally the company has recruited, and trained, an EU Certified GDPR Practitioner to help ensure the company and staff focus on compliance.  As part of our GDPR work, we have produced and collated a range of policy templates and assessment tools which we have adapted for accountancy practices and now offer them to any firm that wishes to buy them.

Personal Information Management System (PIMS)

Documents and Policies Required Under The GDPR

“Article 30 of the GDPR highlights the need to document your personal data processing activities. As a result, your organisation will need to make sure that you have in place a record of your processing activities by May 25th – particularly where your processing activity is not occasional, and could result in a risk to the rights and freedoms of individuals. To assist your GDPR compliance process, FibreCRM has created a range of essential document templates, adapted for accountancy practices and available for any firm that wishes to buy them.”

Starter Pack

£500 one-off

5 Key Policy Templates & Analyser

  • Data Protection Policy & Procedures Template
  • Data Breach Policy & Procedures Template
  • Information Asset Register Template
  • Data Protection Impact Assessment Template
  • Subject Access Request & Erasure Policy Template
Full Pack

£1250 one-off

All Policy Templates & Analyser

  • Access to ALL 25 Policy Templates
Full Pack with Support

£2275 one-off

All plus Phone & Email Support

  • Full Pack plus…
  • 3 months phone & email support from a EU Certified GDPR Practitioner
  • Total 12 hours support on supplied document
Monthly Support

£450 per month

EU Certified GDPR Consultancy

  • Up to 4 hours per month Telephone & Email Support from EU Certified GDPR Practitioner


Please note: The FibreCRM GDPR Toolkit, Policy & Procedural Templates and Information, Advice, Guidance and/or Views given during telephone or email consultancy we provide, are designed to support and assist your GDPR compliance process. FibreCRM is not responsible (nor accountable) for the GDPR compliance status of your organisation. These documents do not represent a definitive statement of the law; FibreCRM’s views and recommendations are based on extensive research from a variety of reliable/credible sources, with guidance from qualified professionals. To ensure full compliance, FibreCRM advises that you seek your own professional legal advice and/or engage with the Information Commissioners Office (ICO).