The IRIS Pack

An next level CRM integrated with IRIS.

FibreCRM extracts client information and updates the CRM every 30 minutes.


With over 21,000 Practices using IRIS, FibreCRM helps unlock valuable client data to enable Practice growth and improved operational efficiency.


Automatic List Segmentation

Without FibreCRM, building ‘targeted’ lists requires manual extraction of data from data mining in IRIS. This is labour intensive and the data, once extracted, is no longer up to date.
FibreCRM, when integrated with IRIS, keeps lists up to date dynamically and automatically.
For instance, keep list up to date containing people over the age of 55 who also have second property listed in their tax return.
Dashboard Integrated with IRIS
FibreCRM integrates with CCH

Free Up Time With Automatic Chasers

FibreCRM monitors your IRIS Practice Management Job Stages and knows when to send your clients a friendly reminder to submit information. Just set up FibreCRM and let the CRM do the rest. It knows who needs to be reminded and when.
All you need to do is, set up the content of the messages to be sent, whether you prefer reminders to go via email or SMS and when they need to be sent.

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The one overlooked problem holding progressive accounting firms back and what to do about it.

No Data Mining Necessary for Marketing

FibreCRM makes life easier for marketing because information on clients is immediately available in FibreCRM.
No more data mining to extract instantly out of date lists. With FibreCRM, any change to a Client record in IRIS flows through to FibreCRM. Whether its updating an IRIS Attribute, Category of Job. Your marketing lists remain up to date automatically.
Integrated with IRIS
Integrated with IRIS

Recoverability Analysis

Customised reporting to match your practice processes.
The advantages of having a recoverability report within the CRM:
  • Informed client grading exercises 
  • Automated client grading 
  • Determine effective pricing policies
  • Help with performance reviews.

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The one overlooked problem holding progressive accounting firms back and what to do about it.

Monitor Your Job Turnaround Times

Practices monitor their job management processes to ensure the practice is operating efficiently. It helps to identify where delays occur in their job stages.  Time-hungry processes can be identified and dealt with.
FibreCRM’s Job Turnaround module lets you set performance thresholds for different Job types so that you can keep track of KPIs.
Integrated with IRIS

OnBoard and create new clients in IRIS

IRIS connects to FibreCRM’s API every few minutes to extract data so that new clients can be created in IRIS without the need for re-keying.
Top-level client information, such as name and address, is added to IRIS and a link created. Ongoing additions or changes to the client record in IRIS flow back into CRM.
Find out more about how FibreCRM can be integrated with IRIS to boost onboarding efficiency.

Data Synchronisation

With over 21,000 Practices using IRIS, FibreCRM helps unlock this valuable client data to enable growth and improved operational efficiency including:
  • Client name, address, email and phone numbers as well as client Categories, Attributes and turnover, Gross Profit and number of employees
  • Contacts, demographics  and Involvements
  • Services being delivered, latest job stages and invoices with WIP and lockups.

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