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GDPR Toolkit

Our GDPR Toolkit comes with over 20 policy templates and an Excel-based readiness questionnaire to help you prepare your practice for compliance with the GDPR.  No CRM Needed!


There’s limited value in CRM if it doesn’t easily share or collect information from other software in your practice.  For instance, your practice software contains valuable information on clients.  The CRM needs this information and it needs it to be up to date, with little or no human intervention and with near real-time data flows.  For instance, a change of address in practice management updates the address in CRM – or you need to send out a budget report from CRM to all clients that have declared “holiday let income” in their last tax return.

Working with out of date information is prone to error, potentially damaging to the firms reputation and likely to upset clients.

CRM alongside Practice Management


  • No double entry
  • Time & Fee data available for client understanding and relationship building
  • Job information visibility
  • Effective client care strategies

CRM inside Microsoft Outlook

Our Outlook integration is one of the most popular and useful engagement add-ons for accountants. Centralising meetings and email communication across the firm.

Not only does it capture and synchronise all emails and meetings to CRM and vice versa, it provides Outlook with a preview window of all contacts and accounts data within CRM. Create new contacts, book meetings, call reminders all within your Outlook.