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An Integrated CRM is an Engaging CRM

However great a CRM is unless it talks to the rest of your systems you will end up with out of date, difficult to manage, information.

Practice Management Software lies at the heart of every accountancy practice. It holds valuable information on clients but when it comes to building client relationships you need your PM data inside a CRM system.

A CRM system cannot sit alone. Away from the daily updates taking place in PM. It should be – needs to be – integral.

An Integrated CRM solution is an engaging CRM. Here are just a few examples of what an integrated CRM solution might do that a standalone CRM could not. At least not without a lot of manual data extraction.

  • Job Stage “Waiting for Client Books” hits a 28 day due date – CRM sends an automated reminder email alert
  • New legislation comes out affecting Landlords… CRM identifies those Tax returns where individual has 2nd property and sends them an email
  • You like Outlook for recording meetings and tracking emails and you want these items visible when looking up a Client or Prospect in CRM

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