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Before you invest in a new CRM system, we recommend booking an initial consultation with us, so that we can better understand your needs.

Typically a consultation lasts 5-8 days. We’ll visit your workplace and get to know your staff, structure and systems. We’ll obtain a deeper understanding of the way you work, the challenges you face and any applications you currently use, as our recommended solution will need to be compatible. Armed with a detailed scope, we’ll head back to FibreCRM HQ to analyse what we’ve found. Our team of experts will then create a bespoke report outlining our recommendations and next steps.

By going through this process, you get a CRM solution expertly tailored to your business and you won’t be paying for features you’re not going to use. If it turns out that a CRM solution isn’t what you need at all, we’ll let you know.

In other words, before you sign off on a big project, we want to make sure you’re getting exactly what you need.

Finding the right solution…

A client of ours employs a team of 10 internal sales representatives. When we started working with them they were making an average of 50 cold calls per day and closing 2 deals. By simply increasing the number of calls made, they could increase the number of deals. So we replaced their aging MS Access bespoke database with a customised CRM solution – added our own Quick2Call module – a plug-in that reduces the time it takes to find client files, dial up and complete the call.

To book your initial consultation with FibreCRM, please call the team on +44 (0)203 598 0898

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