The SugarCRM Support Team

sugarcrm support

Head of Support

  The FibreCRM support department are based in the UK and provides phone, email and on-line sugarcrm support to customers M-F 9-5:30. We offer help and advice when it’s needed. Support covers not only the core CRM application but also includes peripheral supporting tools such as BI integrations, website CMS development and phone integration. The department is a one-stop shop for all CRM-related work. They like to think they are not only there, reactively, for customers to help with day to day support issues. The team will proactively check the health of a customers system and contact customers to advice changes if necessary.

Case Management

All sugarcrm support tickets are logged in FibreCRM’s internal SugarCRM system. Cases are synchronized with the company’s project management tool – Jira (which is used by staff and customers). This integration means that customers are able to log in and keep track off support tickets and potential implementation activity as well as create new ones.

Server hosting – a faster performing CRM

Since 2007, FibreCRM’s robust hosting platform operates many end customer CRM systems. Having a cloud based server means that customers only require a web browser and internet connection to access their data. Hosting also means zero maintenance for the end customer. Our servers range in power and scalability starting from shared Linux servers where up to 15 CRM’s operate up to more demanding, single, dedicated Linux and Windows Servers for private cloud computing. All servers come with the highest security, firewall and monitoring technology. We also support on-premise installations so, where customers want there own in house installations, we can support that too.

Business Services Team

sugarcrm business services team

Head of BST

Last but by no means least, the BST provides planned meetings periodically throughout the life of the CRM. They keep the customer informed of new and emerging technology that could affect, support or enhance the customers CRM strategy.  At the same time, it’s a useful time to review the use and potentially recommend new best practices.  More information on this service can be found here. To speak with a member of the team please call +44(0)203 598 0898

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