Sugar CRM Training. Helping you get more out of CRM.

Any CRM system is only as good as the people using it, and we want to make sure you get the most out of the solution we recommend.

FibreCRM’s joined-up approach has adapted a Sugar crm uk training methodology that helps new users get to grips with their new CRM in as short a time as possible.  Through a mix of on-site, on-line and video training courses, customers are able to get up to speed at their own pace and budget. 

We create a cloned SugarCRM system and provide training on each customers particular configuration.  Typically the training will be spread out over time with an initial introductory session provided on-site with small groups of users.  These introductory sessions are a great way for everyone to appreciate the ultimate aim and goals with the CRM.  They get to understand the terminology and overall processes so that they start using the new CRM with the end goals in mind.

After the initial introduction, it is vital that everyone logs into the CRM as soon as possible and starts to use it.  In the days ahead, one-to-one sessions are very effective.  FibreCRM offers short, one hour, on-line sessions where trainer and end user share screens to talk through specific, pre-agreed, steps.  Finishing off with a set of actions to be carried out and a potential follow up session.

Administrator training is provided as well as “train the trainer” style courses.  SugarCRM administration covers a wide variety of tasks and functions including:

  • Basic “user management” (e.g. creating new users, resetting passwords, assigning to teams)
  • Worfklow manager and dropdown list builder
  • SugarCRM “Studio” enabling administrators to change screen layouts and add/remove fields
  • Module Builder where brand new custom modules can be built
  • Development of code such as logic hooks and custom functions which integrate other external programmes

We find each customer is different.  Some customers are quite happy to leave the technical stuff to our support team whilst others want to control the user management only.  Whatever your needs are, FibreCRM is happy to help.  Training is an ongoing investment and should be valued as much as the original investment in CRM software.

Introducing a new CRM system can feel like a daunting process, but with FibreCRM it doesn’t have to be. To book your initial consultation, please call the team on +44 (0)203 598 0898


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