The Integrated Practice

FibreCRM is central to creating stronger client relationships and is the heart-beat of any modern accounting firm.

Information is fed from, and to, the practice management software so that client data can be used effectively without double-entry.

Practice Management Integration


FibreCRM pulls Client, Attribute, Job and Billing data from  IRIS.  New clients are setup in IRIS automatically.

FibreCRM integrates to CHH by Wolters Kluwer to create a powerful two-synchronisation of client data including Assignments and Responsibilities.

CPAs & large accounting firms can now benefit from our integration with STAR Practice Management. Client, Job, Billing data is synchronized both ways.

Create, automate & schedule a wide range of internal workflows & external communications – seamlessly integrated with a variety of popular third party systems

External Communications Integration

Email Marketing

 Sync your FibreCRM marketing lists to MailChimp and view outbound marketing results right inside FibreCRM.  Manage opt-outs and unsubscribes with ease. Additional Cost.

Email Marketing & Automation

Sync your FibreCRM marketing lists and custom fields.  View click through activity inside FibreCRM.  Included in Price

Advanced Marketing Automation

Utilise Vuture’s advanced Marketing Automation technology.  Connect Campaigns in FibreCRM to Vuture’s powerful marketing features.

Business Systems Integration

VOIP & Telecoms Integration built in

Automatically track your client telecommunications through integrations with your practice VOIP systems.

Guarantee your AML compliance

with an award-winning anti-money laundering solution. Perform your due diligence, carry out Know Your Client and Adverse Media checks in the UK or abroad.

Integrate your Microsoft Office & Outlook Email

Increase your client data visibility with an integration through Outlook Calendar sync & client data panel native to Outlook.  Archive emails to Contacts in FibreCRM.


Finalist for software Innovation of the year 2019