Join the Team!

FibreCRM is actively looking for talented and unique people to fill a variety of new roles, to support the business in its ongoing growth and evolution. If you have the skills, experience and passion for any of the roles below – we`d love to hear from you!

Each role will be based in our offices within Tremough Innovation Centre in Penryn (Cornwall), within the superb surroundings of the University campus. In normal circumstances you will work standard office/business hours (in line with Accountancy practices, who represent the core of our primary customer base):

Business Consultant

Database Specialist

Technical Consultant

Software Support Technician

Software Tester


Business Consultant

As a Business Consultant with FibreCRM, your role will be to gain an understanding what clients wish to improve or “fix”, with FibreCRM as the tool to enable a solution. This may include research, liaison with customers and an analysis of their relevant business practices. Once complete, you will prepare recommendations and present them to the client, to an outstanding level of quality and detail.

Your role will be based upon two core tasks:

  • Helping improve our current customers experience of CRM by assessing weaknesses and recommending solutions
  • Working with potential future customers, by identifying areas of their business where FibreCRM can add value, provide solutions, improve efficiency and (as per our brand message) “make accountants lives easier”

Over time you will become highly knowledgeable about our products and applications, and will become an essential resource for our CRM users and clients, helping solve with any issues they may have.

You must possess skills in business analysis, organisation, coaching, and planning so that you can coordinate with internal and external partners to ensure the customers objectives are met. Internally it will be a regular occurrence to engage with colleagues within Marketing, Sales, and IT. You will regularly review and prepare documentation, manuals, and brochures on the capabilities and functions of our product and its applications – to ensure that your message to customers (current and future) is accurate and consistent.

The responsibilities of a FibreCRM Business Consultant include:

  • Carry out research and data collection to understand the organisation
  • Conduct business analysis, in particular eliciting requirements and base objectives
  • Work with/meet the client’s employees, management team and other stakeholders
  • Prepare business proposals and presentations
  • Identify issues and form hypotheses and solutions
  • Present findings and recommendations to clients (and the FibreCRM Senior Management Team)
  • Implement recommendations/solutions and ensure the client receives the necessary assistance to carry it all out
  • Liaise with the FibreCRM Project Manager, and together ensure the client is kept informed of progress in order to make relevant decisions

Skills and Attributes:

  • Fantastic interpersonal skills
  • Very strong analytical and quantitative skills
  • Excellent communication skills, comfortable with engaging with people on all levels
  • Strong organisational skills
  • Technical knowledge (in particular a generic understanding of CRM)
  • Experience in system administration
  • A fast learner, someone who picks up new systems and processes quickly and efficiently
  • Cooperation and willingness to go the extra mile (and a half) for our clients


Database Specialist

This is a key role for FibreCRM, as we rely heavily on the unique skill set and passion for data that our Data Specialists possess and display on a consistent basis. 

You will use your skills in maths, statistics and programming to clean, massage and organise data.

Your role will be supportive to our Data Transformation Specialist, and will help FibreCRM to interpret and manage data, solving challenging and (often) complex problems in a variety of data niches. 

The responsibilities of the Database Specialist will include:

  • Selecting features, building and optimising classifiers using machine learning techniques
  • Data mining using state-of-the-art methods
  • Extending company’s data with third party sources of information when needed
  • Enhancing data collection procedures to include information that is relevant for building analytic systems
  • Processing, cleansing, and verifying the integrity of data used for analysis
  • Conducting ad-hoc analysis and presenting results in a clear manner
  • Creating automated anomaly detection systems and constant tracking of its performance

Required Skills and Attributes

  • Understanding and experience of Talend (ideal – but not essential)
  • Interest and / or understanding of machine learning techniques and algorithms
  • Experience with a variety of common data science tool-kits
  • Great communication skills
  • Experience of / interest in data visualisation tools
  • Proficiency in using query languages
  • Experience with SQL databases, JSON and XML
  • Experience and an understanding of API`s
  • A general passion for data and statistics
  • Good scripting and programming skills
  • A data-oriented personality


Technical Consultant

As a Technical Consultant with FibreCRM, you will provide technical support, provide product guidance and advice, perform trouble-shooting functions and resolve customer issues. Over time you will develop into a FibreCRM “product expert”, becoming an essential resource for assisting our CRM users and clients with any issues they may have.

You must possess skills in organisation, coaching, and planning, and will be the lead coordinator with departments and customers to conduct training that suits the needs and skills of your target audience. You will also liaise with internal FibreCRM colleagues, from respective teams such as Marketing, Sales, and IT. Regularly reviewing and preparing documentation, manuals, and brochures on the capabilities and functions of our product and its applications – your role will be key to the strength and future proofing of our processes and standards.

The responsibilities of a FibreCRM Technical Consultant will include:

  • Conducting training sessions and seminars with/for clients (future and current)
  • Reporting on daily responsibilities and tasks
  • Resolving client issues with a focus on swift response and accurate delivery
  • Testing of products and applications
  • Documenting processes and application instructions
  • Supporting and troubleshooting software issues
  • Attending meetings, sessions and other company events (internal and external)
  • Actively contributing to product development discussions and organic evolution of the FibreCRM product suite

Required Skills and attributes:

  • Superb interpersonal skills, ability to converse and engage with all people on all levels
  • Strong analytical and quantitative skills
  • A great organiser, with a flexible and patient approach to clients
  • Technical knowledge (in particular a generic understanding of CRM)
  • Experience in system administration
  • A fast learner, someone who can pick up and use new systems with the minimum of instruction (and time)
  • Cooperation and willingness to stay with the customer journey until a successful outcome is reached


Software Support Technician

This is an new, interesting and key role within the team, and is designed to offer support not only to external clients who need assistance with their CRM system, but also to assist the Head of IT with generic IT engineering and infrastructure requirements.

As a member of the Customer Success Team, your role will primarily be the first point of contact/first-responder to incoming client support tickets, queries in respect of CRM tools, and guiding customers (over the phone) to facilitate solutions as and when a challenge arises.

The responsibilities of the Software Support Technician will include:

  • System Upgrades (Server & CRM)
  • Responding to Server Issues
  • Liaising with our Server Supplier Support Desk
  • Responding to Incoming Customer Contact (Phone and Email)
  • Day to Day IT Maintenance Tasks
  • Product Testing

Skills and Attributes:

  • Previous/Current Experience within a Technical/IT Support role
  • Strong technical Awareness and “Know-How”
  • At least one of your past roles should be Technical/IT focused, with some level of customer engagement
  • You will need to be comfortable when engaging with internal and external customers/partners
  • A superb telephone manner, and an ability to remain patient and supportive in the most challenging of scenarios – is essential
  • Strong Grammatical / Writing (Email etc) skills


Software Tester

Software testing is an essential part of the FibreCRM software development life cycle. Our testing process is essential to defining the success rate of a particular product, and our software testing team plays a crucial role even after the product’s development is completed.

Therefore, it is important to us to ensure we have the highest quality testing process (and Testers) in place. we ensure that the testing team includes a perfect mix of talented as well as capable professionals who are also product experts. You will test, tune, debug and suggest the detailed refinements that ensure the quality and performance of the finished feature/product within the CRM. The Software Tester will be responsible for assuring quality in the final product and for finding all the flaws before features go “live”.

The responsibilities of the Software Tester will include:

  • Technical expertise related to the test program and approach
  • Providing support for the customer interface as well as progress status reporting
  • Validating the quality of the testing requirements such as “testability”, test design and script
  • Staying up to date with the latest test approaches and tools
  • Ensuring the software testing team is aware of the latest trends in the world of software testing
  • Arranging walk-through`s for test design and procedure
  • Implementing and overseeing the test process
  • Ensuring that test-product documentation is complete and transparent

Skills & Attributes:

  • Superb attention to detail
  • Natural and instinctive analytical skills
  • Highly developed technical awareness
  • Good verbal and written communication
  • A positive and committed attitude to testing, with a focus on “test to break” and detail orientation
  • Willingness to learn and suggest process improvements
  • Passion for testing
  • An ability to see the product from the lay customers perspective
  • Able to maintain a consistent approach to testing and/or other appropriate internal processes
  • Team player, comfortable with either leading by example or working as part of the wider team

For more information on these roles, or if you believe you can help us delight our customers in another way, please send a copy of your CV to

All applications will be dealt with in confidence, and neither your CV or any of your personal data will be shared outside of the internal FibreCRM environment.