HubSpot Marketing for Accountants and CPA Firms

The job of marketing an accountancy and CPA firm is tough. Marketeers grapple with disconnected technologies and out of date data. Client data that is needed for marketing campaigns is locked away in the firm’s practice management and tax software. Needing clunky reports to extract data. Furthermore website enquiries are either lost in unstructured email where good opportunities are not followed up or business is won but never attributed to the originating source or the marketing activity.

With FibreCRM‘s integration to HubSpot Marketing Hub, FibreCRM empowers accountancy firms by attributing billing data to the originating enquiry source such as a website page, blog or article.  This means that firms no longer have disconnected marketing analytics and helps them keep writing content that is of value to their clients and to their firm.  The integration goes much further by enabling a firm to surface client data, in HubSpot, which has traditionally been locked away in IRIS or CCH from Wolters Kluwer.

FibreCRM is designed and sold exclusively to accountants and CPA firms.  It connects with a firms tax and practice software in order to share data and reduce double entry and disconnected data silos.  With the HubSpot integration, the gap between marketing, business development and exceptional client relationships is closed.

Top Three Benefits this integration offers Accountancy & CPA firms

  • Relevant client data that exists in a firms practice management system is kept up to date in HubSpot, so that marketing departments can easily and quickly communicate to the right audience at the right time and with the right content
  • A firms revenue can be attributed back to the websites source articles enabling the firm to see the return generated and the value from posting each article
  • Website visitors can be scored on their interest level and new leads generated in FibreCRM, so that the firm’s keep in touch strategies are optimised and new business opportunities not neglected.

Landing Pages – did you know that one firm has made over £300,000 to date from one article on its website?  Who knew when the firm decided to write the article, it would have that much benefit to the firm. Do you know how much business comes from each article on your website?  With FibreCRM and HubSpot, your wins and losses can be attributed to the originating enquiry source.

Lead Scoring – What is a quality enquiry?  Someone that has scoured your website, read every page, done their homework and then made their enquiry or someone that just fills in a form?  How do you distinguish good from bad so you don’t waste a Partners time?  HubSpot Lead Scoring syncs to FibreCRM.  Then, FibreCRM workflows ensure only the good quality leads land on a Partners desk.

Data quality – When was the last time you asked your clients to check the data you have on them is correct?  Need to do this enmass?  And have the client update the CRM where information is missing?  Marketing Automation is two-way whereas Email Marketing is just one-way.

Email Marketing – Ok, you definitely need this feature and HubSpot knocks spots off their competition so you can cancel your existing subscriptions to other EM platforms.


Finalist for software Innovation of the year 2019