Choosing the Right CRM

Understanding the needs of an Accountancy Firm

Choosing the right CRM. Which CRM is right for an accounting firm?

Generic CRM software is hard to adopt in an accountancy firm because:

  • Generic CRMs are overly salesy with little support for accounting-specific requirements.  As a result, accountants avoid using CRM.
  • Tax and Practice Management software contain a rich set of data on clients.  This valuable source of buying habits and opportunities needs to flow easily to, and from, a CRM so there is no double entry.  And data is always up to date.
  • A CRM should manage the client onboarding processes because the journey from prospect to client satisfaction includes onboarding. Very few CRMs offer onboarding capabilities. As a result firms grapple with multiple loosely-connected apps and no central visibility.
  • Accountants are the “doers” as well as the “sellers”.  Not only do they do client work.  They have a remit to find new work.  A CRM that is oriented to professional service firms will support this role best.
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Whitepaper: The Integrated Practice

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