CRM for Accountants & CPA firms

Maximize LTV. Upsell Techniques. Revenue Growth.
Pipeline Management

Pipeline Management

With an Enterprise-class opportunity management solution, individuals and teams can work on winning more business using a CRM designed for accountants.

  • Track potential new revenue lines
  • Analyse gaps in service
  • Close more deals
  • Win/Loss tracking

Professional Services Sales Methodology

For accountants with a responsibility for new business generation, FibreCRM‘s “Doer-Seller” model for business development is hard to beat:

  • Systemization of targeting and follow up
  • Automate Keep in touch routines
  • Opportunity development
  • Unique inter-firm collaboration
Doer-Seller Methodology
Keep In Touch Strategies

Keep In Touch Strategies

Never neglect your clients. Strengthen your client engagement by designing your own keep in touch strategies. Let CRM prompt you to make contact with your clients at the right time.
  • Track last and next touch points
  • Receive alerts to your email or dashboard in CRM
  • Define appropriate rules depending on record type

Upsell Reporting

With upsell reporting in CRM you can easily highlight where the gaps exist in your service, see where new opportunities lie and create a more complete service for your clients. 

What’s more, it’s not just a report. Filter the results to easily build a list of firms for a highly targeted marketing campaign.
Referrer Management

Referrer Management

Referrals are the single biggest source of business for a professional services firm. It therefore makes sense to keep on top of your referrer network and keep building those relationships. The referrer module in FibreCRM not only keeps track of referrals received, it also keeps track of the referrals you make.

  • Referrals in
  • Referrals out
  • Inter-firm referrals

360 Degree Client View

Where can you go today to view everything on a client, prospect or referrer? Practice Management? Not really. Its missing prospects and referrers, doesn’t contain marketing communications, new business opportunities or NPS survey results to name but a few.

Whereas FibreCRM provides visibility of every single touch with a client, prospect or referrer.


Activity Management

One place for all your clients, prospects and professional networks.

  • No more out-of-date lists in Excel
  • Complete visibility of interactions past, present and future
  • Manage tasks and never neglect an opportunity
  • Gives colleagues a consistent and unified communication strategy


A new CRM initiative is often started by the marketing department due to their frustration with the limited access to good quality, targetable data within their accountancy firm. Without a CRM, firms will often send bulk email to everyone in their database whether it’s relevant or not. Or worse, not sending out content when it matters. In summary, marketeers are more effective when they have easy access to up to date client information that is kept clean and accurate by all stakeholders.
  • Event marketing
  • Email marketing
  • Newsletter distribution
  • Targeted partner/principal activities
Marketing for Accountancy and CPA Firms
List Segmentation

List Segmentation

Compiling lists of people in FibreCRM is a game changer for a busy marketing department.
  • Never forget to add someone that should be on a list
  • Always ensure that only the right people are on the list
  • Automatically maintain a list based upon a predefined set of conditions
  • Automatically sync lists to/from your email marketing platform

Email Marketing through Campaign Monitor

FibreCRM works seamlessly with Campaign Monitor ensuring your marketing campaigns are directed to the right people.

  • Auto-sync lists and custom fields
  • Create and maintain segments
  • Synchronise campaign, open & click rates
  • Manage unsubscribers and ensure unusbscribers are not sent content
Campaign Monitor
Event Management

Event Management

A powerful campaign manager in FibreCRM ensures your marketing team can manage event invitations.

  • Create online/offline events
  • Build attendee lists
  • Track acceptance, attendance, walk-ins
  • Capture event feedback


FibreCRM opens up a whole new world of opportunity with our integration to HubSpot Marketing Hub. Now you can keep in touch with your client base much easier and your marketing efforts rewarded.

  • Track your wins and losses to the originating enquiry source
  • Lead Scoring
  • Data Quality
  • Email Marketing
NPS Surveys

NPS Surveys

No need for external surveys. FibreCRM has its own built-in survey solution enabling you to send surveys and see results with ease.

  • Net Promoter Score (NPS) surveys
  • Send surveys automatically (e.g. on job completion)
  • Send en-mass to a segment of people
  • View client feedback history


In today’s turbulent times, many firms are turning to webinar software. FibreCRM integrates with the leading webinar platform GoToWebinar. The integration streamlines the transfer of data from your webinar event.

  • Sync attendees
  • Present event activity such as feedback and polls in FibreCRM
GoToWebinar Integration

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