Is Practice Management CRM?

There are some that consider their existing Practice Management software their CRM system.  For smaller firms this might suffice and be a cost effective alternative. However for larger firms there are considerable limitations.

  • Adding prospects and introducers to the firms practice management software is not ideal. Your practice management software should be kept clean with only client data.

  • Garbage in garbage out. Your data in practice management systems can get very messy, very quickly.  However by using a specialist CRM, it will help keep your data clean.  Ensuring that only clean data is passed to your practice management.

  • Connecting marketing systems to practice management is rarely possible. Marketing teams using a practice management system as a CRM rely on regular data exports, which run a risk of producing out of date marketing lists.

  • Practice management software is designed for practice management. However a dedicated CRM significantly opens up a world of opportunity for your firm. From onboarding to business development to marketing and much more. CRM will streamline your processes and become the heart of your practice.

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