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CRM For Progressive
Accountants With
OnBoarding Built In

All the benefits of a mainstream CRM but with specific
features for accountancy practices

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Progressive firms want to improve the client experience and automate repetitive tasks, so human
interventions are reduced, and the value of relationships is maximised. Those that are keen to exploit
the market opportunity of cloud accounting, artificial intelligence and machine learning, also want to
empower proactive marketing and drive managed business development activities. 
But there is a key problem holding progressive firms back. And that problem is
data silos; inaccessible quantities of data, locked away in different systems.
Data silos make people less efficient and effective in all areas of the practice, making basic processes and activities, time consuming, resource hungry and frustrating.
The solution is to embed an Integrated CRM for accountants at the heart of
the practice. Doing this enables firms to eliminate inefficient data silos and connect systems so that
data can flow throughout the practice.
More proactive Marketing
Deliver highly targeted and personalised email marketing using lists segmented on the individual client’s profile.
Improved business development
Support the developing of a positive sales culture. Performance targets can be set for individuals, teams and across each client.
Smoother onboarding of clients
CRM is the natural place for onboarding clients because it is the one place that houses both clients and prospective clients.
Enhancing operations
Timely communication with existing clients is vital, and Integrated CRM supports this by constantly checking data and making suggestions based on predefined strategies.
Visibility for management
Integrated CRM encourages collaboration by bringing people from different departments and offices together. It also empowers effective decision making, with dashboards and reporting on marketing, sales and operations.

Some of our Clients

"The COVID-19 crisis forced many #accountants to become counselors, loan brokers, business coaches and friends to their clients. Looking forward, will those relationships revert to the way they were or remain changed?"
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