FibreCRM has taken a leap forward in simplifying and streamlining the onboarding process by integrating and automating Mercia’s proven engagement letter platform.

Mercia, one of the largest providers of training, content and support services to the UK & Ireland accountancy profession, has selected FibreCRM for its latest ‘game-changing’ integration thanks to the incredible time-savings on offer to users of its templates.

By incorporating FibreCRM into their onboarding processes, and vice versa, they have found that accountants could save hundreds of hours a year.

This result is based on a proven trial, which has revolutionised the management of engagement letters at several firms.

Through initial testing, it was discovered that by using Mercia’s optimised engagement letters it took an average accountancy firm 20 minutes to produce one letter.

In one particular case, an accounting firm in the trial took on 50 new clients per month, which equated to two full working days every month preparing letters, which could have been spent on fee-earning work.

Instead, thanks to FibreCRM’s engagement letter generation process, content is curated automatically based on the service lines purchased and the type of entity buying the service.  Moreover, when producing letters, the end user no longer needs to manually edit letters to add or remove applicable paragraphs of text. 

As a result, FibreCRM cuts the time to produce engagement letters to mere seconds for each new client.

Simon Leek, Managing Director of FibreCRM, said: “Our work is streamlining engagement letters by leveraging the transformative automation offered by FibreCRM and the proven templates created by Mercia.

Practices are already saving hours with our intelligent engagement letter system, which is eliminating a lot of dull and laborious work that has traditionally come with onboarding a new client.”

Using FibreCRM offers a range of benefits that streamline administrative tasks and enhance client engagement for firms.

“FibreCRM automates the signing process with electronic signing, keeps track of letter openings, acceptances, and declines, and even triggers workflow tasks for a firm to take further action,” explained Simon.  “Additionally, it identifies which clients have yet to sign the engagement letter and sends timely reminders for renewals, making the entire process efficient and effortless.”

While engagement letters are the driving force behind this innovation, this newly launched feature also works with Mercia’s risk assessment templates, further aiding the AML and KYC process.

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