Accountancy firms across the UK often struggle with the onboarding of new clients. To help practices achieve a smoother process using the latest cloud technology, FibreCRM has launched a new software module.

While the wider CRM system offered by this innovative developer includes onboarding within it, FibreCRM has recognised the demand for its proven onboarding features and created a standalone solution.

This new offering to the accountancy profession is packed with powerful integrations with leading practice management platforms like CCH, Xero, QuickBooks and IRIS, and AML and KYC services, such as SmartSearch and CreditSafe, to help automate many of the onboarding processes and create a single point of truth for client information.

From proposals to standardised engagement letters from HAT and Mercia and through to the final onboarding of a client into practice management systems, FibreCRMs solution offers it all and helps Partners and boards keep a closer eye on the progress of new clients.

This new module offers a more cost-effective approach to onboarding while still retaining many of the benefits and efficiencies of the full CRM system.

Simon Leek, Managing Director at FibreCRM, said: “Having listened to the profession and their desire to use our onboarding software, we have developed a module from the ground up to fulfil their needs and save them considerable time.

“Our full CRM and onboarding solution has already seen great success with many firms across the UK, and we hope this latest innovation will serve an even wider range of practices in future.”

To help firms gain a greater understanding of the benefits and advantages of onboarding using their powerful cloud technology, FibreCRM is hosting a number of product webinars.

To register for these events, please visit

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