Recently, I was talking to Bob Harper, a business mentor and creator of GoalDriver, and he summarised quite nicely the essence of what CRM is for the accountancy practice. For me it was one of those moments when you wished you had thought of it and not someone else! I was explaining to Bob why our accountants use CRM. Some use it for enquiry management, some use it for referral generation. However all use it for helping the practice automate routine tasks such as chasing for books, reminding clients to pay their VAT etc.

So Bob said…
“So CRM automates the 80%, so you can humanise the 20%”.

That, in a nutshell, sums it up. A CRM-focused practice saves time by automating the routine tasks such as automatic email notifications. The time saved can be better spent holding actual meaningful, relationship building, conversations with clients.

As I say, I wish I had thought of that catchphrase but I am very grateful for Bob for his insight and clear thinking.

Alan Peck

FibreCRM Ltd