This new GDPR module is designed as an essential tool to assist your Accountancy Practice with:

• Reaching and maintaining a state of GDPR compliance
• Ensuring you record a lawful basis for the processing of personal data (for all data subjects that exist within your CRM)
• Creating essential data security audit trails
• Promoting best GDPR and data security practice
• Raising employee awareness of the GDPR
• Managing rights requests from data subjects (such as Subject Access, Right to Erasure and Right to Rectification)

This is a unique development in the world of CRM and we are confident it will quickly become an invaluable tool in core accountancy practice processes. You will be able to manage a significant amount of GDPR related activity from within your CRM and enjoy the confidence that you and your team are doing the right thing – every time.

For a copy of the question and answer sheet please click here.