FibreCRM is urging accountants to use CRM to onboard new clients into their practice. Simon Leek, founder and CEO of FibreCRM said, “CRM is the natural place to onboard new clients because client data is captured during the sales and marketing activity. Using CRM for client take on avoids creating data silos, makes life easier for accountants and improves the client experience”.

FibreCRM collaborated with leading firms to map out every step of the onboarding journey from generating a proposal, complying with Anti Money Laundering (AML) and Know Your Client (KYC) regulations, producing and getting letters of engagement (LoE) signed, right through to entering new client data into practice management systems.

The FibreCRM Onboarding Pack has an online portal that enables clients to share data and documents in a secure location. To make the process as efficient as possible, accountants can create and use branded templates for proposals and verify an individual’s identity using ID3 Global which identifies individuals and scans names against sanction lists and politically exposed persons. KYC regulations are made easy by the use of 20 pre-built forms and letters of engagement come with e-signing.

FibreCRM is the only CRM that is focused 100% on accountants and integrates with leading systems like CCH Central and IRIS so new client records can be set up without manual data entry.

Simon Leek continued “Onboarding is a key activity which, when done well, can:

  • Improve Onboarding turnaround times
  • Reduce the chance of the client changing their mind
  • Keep the cost of acquiring a new client to a minimum
  • Make it easier for your clients to communicate with you
  • Have more chance of increasing the fee
  • Minimise the risk of non-compliance
  • Increase the chance of generating referrals
  • Our research told us that accountants see onboarding clients as a clunky and painful process, so we’ve developed a solution that makes their life easier and improves the client experience”.

FibreCRM is challenging the accounting profession to eliminate inefficient data silos and connect systems by putting CRM at the heart of the practice.

Simon Leek has written a whitepaper “The Integrated Practice” which reveals the full cost and impact of data silos on firms which is available by visiting or calling 0203 598 0898.

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