FibreCRM is delighted to announce some exciting news as we lead into Christmas and 2019 – the introduction of FibreCRM Version2. Following a large number of enhancements and improvements to the original product over the last few years, we are delighted to launch Version2 with an improved look and feel, better mobile experience and stronger cyber and information security.

Going forward we will continue to evolve FibreCRM, and clients can expect to see version updates every 12 to 18 months. Over the next few weeks we will be regularly in touch with clients, providing updates and progress reports – with a view to all of our clients  being on the new version by the end of week commencing 19 December 2018. To compliment this process, we will be inviting all clients to a web demonstration by our Founder and Director, Simon Leek, early in December.

What`s New?

FibreCRM Version2 includes a long list of enhancements, which leads to improved user experience, new functionality and increased robustness.

Highlights of the New Features and Enhancements:

Improved Theme:

  • A modern new, user friendly design, providing more screen space for all your important information
  • Mobile friendly interface – enabling your sales, marketing and client service teams to access and manage key data and information, wherever they are


  • 2FA: An option available on a per user basis that introduces a 2 Factor Authentication by email
  • Improved Alerts Functionality
  • Improved Password Management
  • Additional password restrictions, logging to identify login attempts and enforce password requirements.

New optional features

  • Letter of engagement production with electronic signatures
  • Client on boarding portal of your end clients
  • Conflict checker
  • Id3global credit checking
  • Vuture marketing automation integration

Future Additions (2019):

Sync from IRIS to FibreCRM

  • The new version will sync every 30 minutes, rather than once a day

Survey Management

  • A new module that will provide the ability to send surveys to your clients
  • All results are recorded on your CRM to report on its success
  • The module allows you to use a wide range of question types and suitable to be used as an email campaign or standalone web page

Should you have any questions please feel free to contact the FibreCRM team at any time.

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