ChatGPT vs FibreCRM – a 60 second  challenge
Who will win? Here’s the command…

“Pick any UK business and list all directors, shareholders and PSC’s from Companies House, check them on CreditSafe and list their date of births, shareholdings and access copies of the business certificate of incorporation. And do all this in under 60 seconds. Please.” #

Ok, so ChatGPT/AI probably can’t do this type of task but ask yourself how long you currently take to do this in your own accounting firm right now.

I bet it takes you longer than 60 seconds

I bet you don’t have a single place to store all this information so that you can send sales proposals and complete the onboarding processes, run risk assessments, check identities and push all this information into your tax and practice management software. 

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Technology is Easier to Adopt When Everything Works Together as One

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