We are constantly being told to prepare for the future, both in our personal and work lives. Whether it is getting ready for the next big legislative change or implementing the latest technology – the pace of innovation never seems to slow down.

Many accountancy firms may claim to be ready for what tomorrow may bring and will have undoubtedly already invested significantly in their ‘front-of-house’ services.

This includes implementing and promoting cloud accounting, automation and a whole host of other technologies that allow them to deliver a better service to their clients.

They are also likely to have invested in their back-office software, including their practice management suites, such as CCH and IRIS.

But how do their front-of-house services, which clients use regularly, connect to their back-office operations, including their marketing, client care and communications?

More often than not, we find that these processes have become, over time, more and more disjointed as firms come to rely on multiple software packages that don’t connect or properly integrate.

That is largely the reason that we have built so much functionality into our own CRM so that firms can rely on a single, simple solution.

With so many new challenges and opportunities coming up for many practices it won’t be possible to be entirely ready for every single development – in many cases, you may only have a limited budget to invest in the right technologies for your firm.

Therefore, if practices want to become truly future-ready, they need to focus their spending on the areas that connect the dots and make life easier, rather than adding to the complex web of data and software they already use.

What steps have you taken to be future-ready? 

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