UPDATED – November 18, 2020

FibreCRM, provider of leading Client Relationship Management software for mid-size to large accounting and CPA firms, today announced that HBK CPAs & Consultants (HBK), a Top 100 U.S. CPA firm, has adopted FirbreCRM Integrated technology to drive its digital transformation. FibreCRM Integrated Technology connects to Star Practice Management software to streamline operational processes, create best-in-class client service programs, and increase revenue.

“This is one of, if not the most important initiative we have taken on in years,”

noted HBK Managing Principal and CEO Christopher M. Allegretti. “It is critical in this digital era to remaining competitive.”

The rise of an all-connected digitally astute business is requiring firms to connect their traditionally disconnected practice management software with their digital marketing assets. Firms are going through a revolution as they seek new lines of service delivery and surface knowledge that can be used to open up new markets and maximize client lifetime value.

"CRM is a game-changer for us, altering the way we do business internally and externally,”

 Allegretti said. “As a central hub of information, it supports our transformation to a data-driven decision-making model, enhancing our ability to get clients relevant information at relevant times and improving our ability to respond in a timely manner.”

HBK counts more than 20,000 clients advised by professionals working out of 17 autonomous locations. CRM will streamline their interactions, drive efficiencies and support revenue growth targets.

“We spent more than a year evaluating various CRM solutions,” said HBK Chief Operating Officer Phil Wilson. “Our criteria included the ability to integrate with our practice management database and provide our team with easy-to-use tools to better manage sales opportunities and client engagement.

“We were impressed by the functionality of the FibreCRM platform,” Wilson continued, “especially the customizable workflows, reporting, and mobile app features. But, what separated FibreCRM from others for us was their success record implementing CRM solutions in the accounting industry.”

Building a digital platform

To support HBK’s goals of transforming sales, marketing and client onboarding processes, the FibreCRM solution will:

  • Create a central database of all clients, prospects and referrers and capture all communications and every touch point
  • Support HBK’s digital transformation by delivering digital marketing capabilities and integration with leading marketing automation platforms
  • Deliver a common and consistent approach to client interactions
  • Support HBK’s growth through effective lead generation campaigns and well managed pipelines
  • Ensure the client journey from initial inquiry through onboarding and after-the-sale care was world class, efficient and highly valued by clients and HBK staff
  • Streamline the creation of proposals and engagement letters
  • Automate the creation of new clients and jobs in StarPM and keep data between CRM up to date and relevant
  • Maximize the lifetime value of a client by delivering world class client service, customer satisfaction monitoring and maximizing cross-selling opportunities

HBK began actively evaluating CRM solutions in January 2020. The firm selected FibreCRM in June because of the its focus on CPA firms and history with accounting sector CRM technologies. The biggest challenge for FibreCRM during the implementation was consolidating 17 disparate offices and staffs and hundreds of professionals in multiple disciplines into a common and synergized working practice.

The result is a streamlined sales, marketing and client onboarding process, including tasks such as proposal and engagement letter generation. And because of the integration with Star Practice Management, HBK staff no longer need to re-key in data; any change in either Star or FibreCRM will update both. “This is a true value add for our clients, ” Allegretti noted.

FibreCRM reporting, dashboards and digitization increase visibility, help drive decisions and create a richer experience that benefits not just HBK staff but the firm’s 20,000-plus clients.

About HBK

HBK provides small to mid-market businesses and their owners and operators a wide range of financial solutions, including accounting, tax and audit services; wealth management; business valuation; corporate finance; forensic accounting; litigation support services; and business consulting, including specific expertise in a number of major industries. The CPA firm dates back to 1949 and added its wealth management practice in 2001. The financial professionals of HBK CPAs & Consultants and HBKS Wealth Advisors serve clients locally out of offices in Columbus, Youngstown and Alliance, Ohio; Pittsburgh, Philadelphia, Erie, Hermitage, Meadville and Blue Bell, Pennsylvania; Princeton, Cherry Hill and Clark, New Jersey; and Fort Myers, Naples, Stuart, Sarasota and West Palm Beach, Florida. HBK CPAs & Consultants and HBKS Wealth Advisors are both Top 100 rated firms. HBK ranks 52nd in Accounting Today’s largest U.S. CPA firms with revenues in excess of $100M.

About FibreCRM

FibreCRM provides mid-large accounting and CPA firms with specialist client relationship management software (CRM) and best practices. Operating since 2007, FibreCRM has accounting clients both in the UK and USA with its main office located in Cornwall, England. In 2019 FibreCRM was finalist for software innovation of the year in the prestigious Accounting Excellence Awards. For media related information contact Grant Alexander grant.alexander@fibrecrm.com

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