Integrated CRM encourages collaboration by bringing people from different departments and offices together. It also empowers effective decision making, with dashboards and reporting on marketing, sales and operations.  

With easy access to marketing metrics, management can see the website and email marketing statistics. They can see where leads are coming from so investment can be focused on the marketing activities that provide the most value.  

Integrated CRM delivers sales forecasting and metrics to help develop best practice and drive better performance. Individuals will be able to see their own, and their colleagues’, sales performance in terms of the number of opportunities handled and conversion rates including gains and losses.  

Integrated CRM also, extracts and surfaces key client metrics and financial data from multiple sources, including mainstream practice management systems. Sophisticated analytical reports can glean a rich and invaluable new perspective on clients and businesses, providing Intelligent Marketing Insight.  

An example of Intelligent Marketing Insight could be identifying and segmenting people profiles by specific demographics (age, net worth, receives dividends or rental income etc.) and cross reference them with their specific involvements/relationships/role (CEO, CFO, COO, manager etc.) within multiple firms, which can be segmented even further by Industry SIC code etc.   

Better people (client/prospect/referrer) profiling provides firms and their marketing teams with the ability to deliver content and information with laser focused precision, as well as showing clients that they have an unparalleled understanding of their business needs with attention to detail at a personal level. 

Integrated CRM helps management make better informed decision by providing: 

Laser focused client communications 

Deep insight into client (people & business) demographics & behavior  

Stronger client relationships  

Better informed decisions  

Unparalleled understanding of client needs  

This level of visibility allows people across the firm to understand who is bringing in new business, who is generating work for colleagues with internal referrals, and who is developing new and stronger strategic relationships. 

For further information please download our Accounting CPA White Paper – The Integrated Practice

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