In the current competitive market, accountants must not only be technically skilled, but also adept at building strong relationships with their clients.

The importance of client engagement cannot be overstated.

Remember, first impressions count! In every new encounter, you are being assessed and there are no second chances.

For accounting firms, the onboarding process is the first true test of a client relationship. This can be a demanding and tense period.

If not handled appropriately, it can sour early impressions of a new firm for clients.

In today’s blog, we will explore why client engagement matters.

Trust and reliability

A strong client engagement strategy is vital for building trust and reliability between accountants and their clients. By actively engaging with clients, accountants can demonstrate their commitment to understanding clients’ unique needs and goals.

In turn, this fosters trust which is the foundation of any successful professional relationship.

Improved service delivery

Regular engagement with clients allows accountants to stay informed about their client’s financial situations and challenges. This knowledge will help accountants offer personalised advice and solutions, resulting in improved service delivery and increased client satisfaction.

Client retention

Engaged clients are more likely to remain loyal to their accountants. By establishing long-lasting relationships, accountants can enjoy consistent revenue streams and reduce the time and resources spent on marketing and acquiring new clients.

Proactive problem solving

Connecting with clients regularly means accountants can identify potential issues early and address them proactively. This approach helps clients avoid costly mistakes and positions the accountant as a trusted advisor, further solidifying the relationship.

We can help

Streamlining day-to-day tasks and the onboarding process with an effective client relationship management (CRM) system will greatly improve your client management.

Our CRM and onboarding solution aims to save accountants’ time, so their efforts could be better spent generating more value for clients or taking on new clients.

Our onboarding solution enables the tracking of client interactions in one secure place, so you can easily reference past conversations and stay up to date on clients’ needs.

Our component offers:

Keep-in-touch strategies

Strengthen client engagement by creating your own keep-in-touch strategies and let the CRM prompt you to make contact with clients at the right time.

• Track the last and next touchpoints

• Receive alerts to your dashboard in the CRM and email

Auto-grading clients

The most effective firms allocate an appropriate amount of time cultivating relationships with their most valued clients, avoiding excessive investment of time in unprofitable ones.

• Create a tiered system based on your chosen criteria

Net Promoter Score (NPS) surveys

There is no need for third-party survey tools. FibreCRM offers an integrated survey solution that allows you to effortlessly send surveys and view results.

Client engagement is crucial, as it plays a significant role in building trust, improving service delivery and retaining clients.

By prioritising regular communication and personalisation, accountants can forge strong relationships with their clients and set themselves up for success.

Want to know more about our onboarding solutions and what it means for your firm? Get in touch today.  

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