CRM and IRIS Tax & Practice Management

Unrivalled levels of integration with IRIS

No other CRM matches the depth of the FibreCRM and IRIS Tax & Practice Management integration. Information flows from IRIS into CRM in near real-time. For example; every addition or change you make in IRIS shows up in CRM in minutes. 

Do you have multiple offices with different IRIS databases? FibreCRM synchronises all your IRIS databases into the one CRM. Creating a 360 degree single client view of each of your clients.

  • Clients & Categories
  • Client Turnover, Profit & Income
  • Client Since Date
  • Related People
  • Contacts
  • Attributes
  • Services, Job Stages & Recovery Rates
  • Staff names, usernames, access rights
  • Job Turnaround Times
  • Field Synchronisation (e.g common drop down lists)

Create New Clients in IRIS

With the FibreCRM and IRIS Tax & Practice Management integration there is no need for you to ever enter a new client into IRIS manually. The IRIS practice management system constantly polls FibreCRM. When a prospect has been onboarded in the CRM, it pulls the details and inserts the new record into the IRIS database. Because of this; it removes human error, saves time and improves accuracy.


Workflows in FibreCRM send reminder emails or SMS text messages to clients and staff.  For example workflows can be created for:
  • 28 Days reminder to send in books
  • Corporation tax payment reminders
  • VAT reminders
  • Pre-year end meeting reminders
Tax Investigation IRIS

Tax Investigation Insurance

Sending out renewal and offer letters takes time without FibreCRM.  An IRIS user can spend hours and hours sifting through their client data in IRIS trying to establish whether a client should be sent a renewal, offer, bespoke offer or whether they don’t need an offer by virtue of their organisation already taking the service.
FibreCRM extracts all the required data from IRIS including:
  • Organisation(s) turnover
  • Income from land & property
  • Income from self-employment
  • Services being delivered
  • Spouses

Whitepaper: The Integrated Practice

The one overlooked problem holding progressive accounting firms back and what to do about it.


Finalist for software Innovation of the year 2019