CRM & Xero Synchronisation

FibreCRM and Xero work seamlessly together to share invoices and payments history.  Use CRM to convert quotes to invoices.  FibreCRM users are able to print and email invoices to clients right inside FibreCRM without needing to login to Xero.
  • Convert quotes to invoices
  • Create draft or approved invoices
  • Create Contacts in Xero
  • Sync payment history
  • Sync products/services and tax rates
For a more in depth at our integration see our documentation here.

Advanced Admin Features

Gives your firm control of what happens between FibreCRM and Xero.
  • Field mappings facility
  • Auto Import chart of account codes, currencies, tax rates
  • Import existing Xero Contacts
  • Import existing Xero Inventory
  • Import Xero invoice history
  • Specify where invoice numbering is generated (FibreCRM or Xero)
  • Sync Tracking Categories

Whitepaper: The Integrated Practice

The one overlooked problem holding progressive accounting firms back and what to do about it.


Finalist for software Innovation of the year 2019