CRM and IRIS | STAR Practice Management

Unrivalled levels of integration with STAR Practice Management

No other CRM matches the depth of the FibreCRM and STAR Practice Management integration. Bi-directional synchronization of Client, Job and Billing data.

  • Clients
  • Parents
  • Contacts
  • Jobs
  • Billing
  • Staff
  • Custom Fields & Custom Controls
  • Field Synchronization (e.g common drop down lists
Star Practice Management
STAR Client Grading

Auto-Grade Clients

Create rules to ‘grade’ your clients making it easier to prioritize your client care strategies. For instance; if a client spends over a preset amount in a 12 month period then grade the client Platinum, Gold, Silver or Bronze. You choose your criteria for auto-grading!

Enhanced Security & Permissions

With the FibreCRM & Star Practice Management integration, you decide what can or cannot be done with the synchronization.  The following are just a few examples your firm could implement.
  • Dis/Allow certain users or groups from creating new clients in Star
  • Once a record has sync’d to Star, make certain fields on the record in CRM, read only and/or one-way sync only
  • Implement field-level rules to stop creation of records in Star if information is missing or invalid
Enhanced security and permissions

Whitepaper: The Integrated Practice

The one overlooked problem holding progressive accounting firms back and what to do about it.


Finalist for software Innovation of the year 2019