Many accounting firms use CCH Central for their compliance work but struggle to take advantage of the content they capture in cloud-based apps.  After all, CCH Central is not a cloud-based application and there is no API to enable apps to connect easily.  But this is all turned on its head with FibreCRM cloud.  FibreCRM Cloud offers accounting firms the following benefits 

  • Two-way transfer of all data between CCH Central and FibreCRM in near-real time. For example, change an address or update an Assignment in one and the change is reflected in the other. 
  • Use the data from CCH Central for advanced segmentation and marketing.  For example, Create a targeted marketing list containing all clients with a turnover greater than 10m who also don’t take your Payroll service.  That FibreCRM Cloud-accessible marketing list is always up to date as data is being routinely updated in CCH Central. 
  • Or onboard a new client in FibreCRM Cloud, capture key data from the client via its secure and encrypted data capture tool and push this data straight into CCH Central without re-keying information.  Create the client, the assignments and the budgets and schedules. 
  • In fact the use is only limited to your imagination.  Do you have Extra Fields in CCH?  No problem, keep those fields synchronised with FibreCRM Cloud. 

FibreCRM Cloud IS THE ONLY cloud-based solution that synchronises data to and from CCH Central.  It is used by many Top 100 UK accounting firms and saves these firms hours of unnecessary double entry.  

FibreCRM Cloud keeps your CCH Central data clean by ensuring controls are put in place.  This includes making certain fields mandatory so that data flowing into CCH Central is high quality and easy to report across. 

Technology is Easier to Adopt When Everything Works Together as One

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