FibreCRM and CCH Central

Unrivalled levels of integration with CCH Central from Wolters Kluwer

No other CRM matches the depth of the FibreCRM and CCH Central integration. Information flows both ways in near real-time.

  • Clients
  • Contacts
  • Assignments, Budgets and Schedules
  • Responsibilities
  • Department
  • Extra Fields
  • Staff
FibreCRM and CCH Central Integration

Enhanced Security and Permissions

With the FibreCRM and CCH Central integration, you decide what can or cannot be done with the synchronization.  

The following are just a few examples your firm could implement:

  • Dis/Allow certain users or groups from creating new clients in CCH Central.
  • Once a record has sync’d to CCH Central, make some fields on the record in CRM read only and one-way sync only.
  • Implement field-level rules to stop creation of records in CCH Central if information is missing or invalid.

Create Budgets & Assignments

Set budgets for each client and each assignment in CRM and when you onboard the client these Assignments are created in CCH Central.

When Assignments are updated in CCH Central the updates appear in FibreCRM without rekeying of information. Every addition or change you make in CCH shows up in CRM in minutes.

Create Budgets & Assignments

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