CRM is the natural place for onboarding clients because it is the one place that houses both clients and prospective clients. The client journey always starts in a firm’s prospecting system, so CRM is the natural place to start the client take-on process.  

Client take-on can be time consuming, resource hungry and clunky. If done poorly; it can create a bad first impression. Using CRM to onboard a client creates a smooth experience for clients and practice staff, making the process faster and more likely to happen.  

With CRM, the onboarding journey starts with data in the CRM, from the prospect and opportunity management stage. By integrating the CRM with practice systems, the data collected in the CRM will create new client records automatically in the practice software with no rekeying of information.  

Onboarding in the CRM enables partners to produce bespoke branded proposals quickly, issue letters of engagement with e-signatures and guide staff through what anti-money laundering (AML) processes is relevant for each client and/or type of business.  

Processes in the CRM ensure “Know Your Client” requirements are fully complied with, and workflows can be configured to identify when Politically Exposed People and Sanction checks are required.  

Clients can use a secure, user-friendly portal to log into and enter data that’s required to complete the onboarding process. Any missing information is highlighted automatically to ensure delays are avoided.  

Integrated CRM makes the whole client take-on process easy and reduces risk by providing:  

Consistent professional client onboarding experience 

Structured & methodical KYC / AML risk assessments 

Manage all stages of the client relationship lifecycle  

Secure & easy to use client communications   

Having onboarding inside CRM not only saves time, but it also supports the adoption of CRM within the practice. This is a key point to consider when implementing CRM across a practice. Many CRM failures are because there is no mission-critical requirement to use CRM and the CRM is disconnected from the rest of the practice systems. Using CRM everyday empowers users and consistently aligns everyone’s processes to help create a progressive practice. 

For further information please download our Accounting CPA White Paper – The Integrated Practice

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