Specialist CRM for accountancy firms go way beyond ‘standard’ CRM solutions.

They work with Practice Management software to deliver an end to end process for moving a prospective client into a paying and loyal client in under a third of the time than without accountancy-specific CRM software.

When you consider the effort required to onboard a new client, often times, you will notice your onboarding process seems clunky and time consuming.

The analysis above shows the time it takes to prepare a proposal/pitch document and the time it takes to produce the letter of engagement, gather data for the KYC and AML processes and then create the new client in the practice management system.

The whole process can take up to 2 hours per new client.  Multiply that by the number of new clients you take on each year and the costs and time inefficiencies start to mount up.

In this ROI example, over 6,500 hours is saved each year.  Partners & Directors save over 1,000 hours a year which means lots more time to spend with important clients, playing golf or maybe even spend more time on chargeable work.

An additional £312,000 more chargeable work!

If you are looking to buy CRM software, proposal generation software, engagement letter generation software, data capture software, then you need to look for an accountancy-specific CRM solution.  Like FibreCRM 🙂

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