Changing accountants can be a stressful time for new clients as the process doesn’t necessarily always run smoothly for them.

An important part of the onboarding process is professional clearance, which deals with the transfer of their affairs from their previous accountant to a new firm.

If not handled quickly and efficiently, it can really sour early impressions of a new firm for clients.

Professional clearance includes the sending of letters requesting documents and information about your new client from their previous accountant, so you can take over their tax affairs and accounting.

Whilst professional clearance is a courtesy rather than an obligation, contacting a client’s previous accountant can be a time-consuming and complicated process, especially if your new client’s relationship broke down with their previous accountant.

FibreCRM has worked closely with accountants to create a solution for streamlining client management processes, including a professional clearance component.

This aims to save time and make accountants lives easier by keeping client information all in one place and automating many of the processes that would normally be the responsibility of your team.

This feature of our onboarding solution provides you with:

• Email templates which are stored and set up within the CRM

• Automated letters to the previous accountant

• One-click send from client record

Streamlining the professional clearance process can increase your capacity to take-on more clients, spend more time on billable work and generate value for your clients – all the while eliminating the frustrations of mundane tasks.

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