There are many layers to client onboarding and peeling back those layers is crucial to ensuring your practice reaches its full potential.

One of the key elements of onboarding is opportunity development. In the second of our client onboarding blog series, we look at everything you need to know about this process.

Pipeline tracking

From the start to the end of a project or campaign, pipeline tracking is an essential process that follows developments, challenges, deadlines, expected budgets, and more.

A pipeline displays each step required so that you can choose a project, monitor it and achieve success, allowing you to calculate risks and handle workflow more efficiently.

Win/loss analysis

Simply put, a win/loss analysis allows you to look at deals that are won or lost and gain a better understanding of the reasons for the outcome so you can do better with your next campaigns and leads.

You can evaluate how your business is doing compared to company size, competitors, lead source, and a host of other variables.

This is a great way for you to improve your business performance and growth over time. After all, you want to win more deals, so ensuring you take the best approach is vital.

Product/service line tracking and pricing

Product/service line pricing is the division of goods and services by costs, something that should be tracked regularly.

The aim is to boost revenue by placing the highest prices on the best products/services, whilst keeping others on sale for a lower price.

The process of pricing and tracking ensures that your business is attractive to new clients/customers, whilst tailoring to different spending habits.

How can we help?

At FibreCRM, we can help you with opportunity development every step along the way.

With an experienced and unique understanding of what accountants need to thrive, we offer established solutions that integrate seamlessly with existing practice management platforms to deliver automation that works in your favour.

The FibreCRM onboarding solution covers all the key steps in onboarding a new customer and managing risk, including helping you to spot risks and improve your opportunity development.

Check out the rest of the blogs in our series to find out more about what we do.

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