A sales proposal is a paper or digital document, designed to promote your products or services to potential clients.

The proposal aims to provide prospects with vital information, such as benefits, costs and more, acting as a key element in the client onboarding process.

First impressions matter

For most prospective clients, your sales proposal will be the first time they hear from and interact with you.

Therefore, demonstrating why you are equipped to meet their needs more effectively than your competitors is crucial.

So, what are the key components to keep in mind when creating a successful sales proposal?

Get to the point

Keep your proposal concise. You need to get your point across, but it does not need to be extensive.

On average, 4-5 pages will suffice.

Keep things simple

Do not concern yourself with complexities.

The document will be used for sales purposes and does not need to be technical.

Watch your tone

Ensure that your proposal is written in an engaging, persuasive tone, avoiding complex jargon, as mentioned in the point above.

Keep things personal

Address the potential client as though the proposal has been personalised for them.

It is recommended to mention their name in a 3:1 ratio against your company’s name.

Visually appealing

Ever judged a book by its cover?

We are all guilty of doing so and ensuring the appearance of your proposal is visually attractive and presentable will be a huge help.

Polish and perfect

Finally, you need to review the proposal and ensure the quality of the information is both correct and to a high standard.

Allow yourself a good amount of time to review and perfect the document before it is sent out.

Time to automate?

As you can imagine, the various steps in preparing a proposal can take time, which might draw you away from other important elements of the client onboarding process.

But what if you could automate this step and feed all of the information your clients need into a carefully designed template, with e-signature functions and more?

The good news is that you can. By using a CRM with dedicated onboarding software, such as FibreCRM, you can draw the information out of your practice management systems like IRIS and CCH.

We are here to help

To onboard new clients, your sales proposal needs to be done right, include the correct information and make a great impression. 

At FibreCRM, as part of our client onboarding solutions, we offer:

  • Proposal templates
  • Multi-page ‘glossy’ PDF option
  • Send and e-sign
  • Workflow’s trigger next steps
  • Invoice creation.

We are experts in knowing what accountants need, assisting in managing the complete onboarding process.

Check out the rest of the blogs in our series to find out more about what we do.

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