Client onboarding is the process of incorporating new customers into a business and cultivating a strong and efficient working relationship.

This essential step in client-business relationships lays the groundwork for future exchanges and helps build confidence, trust and understanding between a client and business.  

A well-executed client onboarding process not only sets the stage for a long-lasting professional relationship but also demonstrates a firm’s commitment to providing exceptional service.  

In today’s fast-paced and competitive landscape, accounting firms are continually seeking ways to improve their efficiency and client satisfaction.  

The FibreCRM onboarding solution manages the complete onboarding process all in one secure place, covering all the key steps in taking on new clients, including:  

Lead handling – Easily manage new leads and create sales opportunities all in one place.  

Proposal generation – Turns your sales opportunities into quality multi-page proposals at a push of a button using exclusive templates.  

Secure client data capture – If you collect sensitive data as part of your onboarding process, such as passport images, tax documents or other forms of ID, this component ensures that your client’s data is kept secure and encrypted during and after transmissions.  

Know your client (KYC) – Verifying the identities of clients is essential for every firm. Due diligence, risk assessment and partner sign-off is an official requirement for all accounting firms. Our solution includes pre-built KYC forms to help you save valuable time.  

Risk assessment forms – Within FibreCRM you are able to create your own risk assessment forms featuring a risk question builder. The forms can also be added to your KYC forms.  

Anti-money laundering (AML) checking – Our AML component runs business and individual checks, attaches PDF reports to contracts and integrates seamlessly with SmartSearch, CreditSafe or GBG ID3 Global.  

Professional clearance – Handling professional clearance quickly and efficiently can leave a great first impression on clients. Our feature offers a time-saving way to contact your client’s previous accountant with pre-made email templates stored within the customer relationship management (CRM) system. 

Engagement letter generation – Save hours of time creating engagement letters for clients to sign at the push of a button. Our component is the place for templates, wording, auto-chasers and more.  

Practice Management – The final stage of the onboarding process. FibreCRM automates the setting up of new clients in your tax and practice management software making the process flow seamlessly.  

Ongoing monitoring – This feature aims to improve efficiency by keeping all of your customer due diligence data in one secure place, as well as connecting to AML platforms.  

Our onboarding solution aims to streamline the entire process and save accountants’ time, so their efforts could be better spent elsewhere.  

We have a unique understanding of the needs of accountants and our client management and onboarding solutions have been designed specifically to make accountants’ lives simpler.  

Want to know more about our onboarding solutions and what it means for your firm? Get in touch today.  
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