Client Engagement

Deliver great client relationships

Keep In Touch Strategies

Never neglect your clients. Strengthen your client engagement by designing your own keep in touch strategies. Let CRM prompt you to make contact with your clients at the right time.
  • Track last and next touch points
  • Receive alerts to your email or dashboard in CRM
  • Define appropriate rules depending on record type
Keep In Touch Strategies

Auto-Grading Clients

The most successful practices spend the right amount of time nurturing their most valued clients and don’t spend excessive time on unprofitable ones.
  • Design Platinum/Gold/Silver grading systems based on your chosen criteria
  • Automatically build marketing lists based on grading

360 Degree Client View

Where can you go today to view everything on a client, prospect or referrer? Practice Management? Not really. Its missing prospects and referrers, doesn’t contain marketing communications, new business opportunities or NPS survey results to name but a few.

Whereas FibreCRM provides visibility of every single touch with a client, prospect or referrer.

NPS Surveys

NPS Surveys

No need for external surveys. FibreCRM has its own built-in survey solution enabling you to send surveys and see results with ease.

  • Net Promoter Score (NPS) surveys
  • Send surveys automatically (e.g. on job completion)
  • Send en-mass to a segment of people
  • View client feedback history

Whitepaper: The Integrated Practice

The one overlooked problem holding progressive accounting firms back and what to do about it.


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