Joined-up CRM is about connecting people, linking software together and making information flow. CRM succeeds when all three elements work in harmony.

Building smarter relationships for 25 years.

At FibreCRM, we have one mission and that is to create raving advocates of our CRM solutions targetted at accountants.

But to ensure our clients become raving advocates, we have to deliver tangible value to clients. We have to deliver a CRM solution that is intuitive to use and completely integrated into all of the firms systems.


In 2010 FibreCRM developed a deep integration with IRIS, the leading practice management software. IRIS Practice Management is used by more than 60% of all accountancy firms in the UK. Having recently launched the solution on a brand new platform, the FibreCRM for IRIS solution suits all firms both large and small.


But IRIS and CRM are not the end of it. Most firms will have email in Outlook. Staff inboxes and sent items folders will be awash with important information that is not being shared with other members of staff. For this reason our Outlook plugin makes light work of synchronising emails, meetings and contacts between CRM and Outlook.

Or maybe the firm is using an email marketing service and they maintain multiple out of date marketing lists. An integrated CRM ensures that a change in one place is reflected in all others. This avoids marketing mishaps and potentially embarrassing situations with clients. It also saves a huge amount of admin time.

All these systems, and more besides, should work together as one system. It is only then that a firm can build efficient processes, be aware of their clients needs and capitalize on new opportunities.

We’ve produced an explainer video to help demonstrate “Why CRM”


FibreCRM aims to deliver this using its service dedicated to accountancy firms. If you would like to discuss how FibreCRM can help your firm please get in touch.