Streamline every step of your onboarding process. Save time.

Developed specifically for Accountants, the FibreCRM onboarding solution covers all of the key steps in onboarding a new customer and managing risk including: 

  • Proposals
  • Engagement Letters
  • E-Signing
  • Client Data Capture
  • AML Check via SmartSearch
  • KYC Due Diligence and Risk Assessment
  • Save to Document Management
  • Create New Client in IRIS/CCH/STAR
Onboarding Solution for Accountants
Proposal Generation

Proposal Generation

FibreCRM turns your sales opportunities into quality proposals in seconds.

  • Create branded multi-page proposals at a push of a button
  • Create value questions for partners to complete
  • Enable proposal creators to design bespoke content
  • Eliminate the need for siloed MS Word templates

Engagement Letter Generation

Save hours creating engagement letters for clients to electronically sign at a push of button.

  • Central management of templates and wording
  • Produce engagement letter from the sales opportunity
  • Track status of signing
  • Auto-chasers
Generate Engagement Letters with FibreCRM
Secure Client Data Capture

Secure Client Data Capture

Do you collect sensitive data such as passport images and TAX ID numbers during the onboarding process? FibreCRM’s client data capture component ensures your client data is kept secure and encrypted during and after transmission.

  • Secure transmission outside of insecure email
  • Easy to use for clients
  • AES256 data encryption

Know Your Client (KYC) Forms

Due diligence, risk assessment and partner sign-off is a regulatory requirement for all firms. That’s why it’s part of FibreCRM’s onboarding process.
  • Pre-built KYC forms
  • Capture risks by entity
  • Record UBO’s
  • Partner sign-off and approval processes
Know Your Client Forms and Checks can all be done within FibreCRM
FibreCRM integrates with smart search so you can easily run your AML checks

AML Checks via SmartSearch

FibreCRM runs AML checks via its integration with SmartSearch.
  • Business & Individual Checks
  • Workflows to refer to MLRO
  • PDF Report attached to Contacts
  • Full audit of results for regulatory compliance

Create Client in Practice Management

The final part of your onboarding process is setting up the new client in your tax and practice management software.  FibreCRM automates this so there is no need for you to re-key this information.  Everything flows seamlessly.
  • Setup new clients and services in practice management (IRIS|Star|CCH|Xero)
  • Manage client numbering
  • Populate custom fields
  • Monitor sync status
Practice Management Integration.

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