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Our Vision and Mission

Hi. We are FibreCRM
We have a vision
The accountancy world without data silos
Which gave us our mission
To build Integrated CRM
Come and join us

Our Story

About integrated CRM for accountants
Integrations to the IRIS and CCH databases increase the power of the CRM by accessing and surfacing rich data inside these systems. As well as the traditional CRM features, we have developed industry-specific enhancements like a client onboarding module, reciprocity and detailed recoverability reporting.
Not only do we have a proven technology, but we also have a proven goal-based success programme to support firms on their CRM journey. 
FibreCRM is Cyber Essentials certified, providing assurance that we guard against cyber threats, protecting our customers’ data and that of our supply chain – and demonstrating our overall commitment to cyber security. 
 We invest heavily in information security training, with several of the team certified by the British Computer Society in Information Security Management. We also have a Certified GDPR Practitioner.
Talk to us to find out more about Integrated CRM and how it can support a firm’s strategy and realise the possibilities outlined in this paper.
FibreCRM is about integrated CRM for accountants. Our core purpose is to make accountants’ lives easier. We do this by helping firms solve the problems associated with data silos, by putting CRM at the heart of the practice.  Our mission is to build the technology to empower accountants to build stronger relationships; internally with colleagues, with their clients and strategic partners.
Today, FibreCRM is the leader in Integrated, mobile-friendly CRM for accountants in the UK. Our goal is to become the global brand for CRM for accountants. The solution was introduced to the UK accounting sector in 2015 by working with our own accountant, who was previously using a data mining tool to extract data and communicate with their client base.
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Whitepaper: The Integrated Practice

The one overlooked problem holding progressive accounting firms back and what to do about it. Learn more about integrated CRM


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